During this unusual and stressful time, we hope and trust all is well with you and your families. While most of the current situation is not within our personal control, there are things other than the mandatory handwashing, physical distancing and isolation to stay well, that from a heart health perspective we can and should do.

Regular physical activity remains the mainstay of staying healthy. We recommend 30 minutes per day of whatever you like or can do and is available to you. It may not be what under normal circumstances you would prefer to do but for now those activities that are possible. Any activity such as a daily outdoor walks/bike rides, you-tube workouts, YOGA, putting some music on to dance to- any and all movement is good! Physical activity helps lower blood pressure, lower blood sugars, improve brain-heart health, increase energy and maintain our immunity systems as well as decrease stress levels and improve our mood.

Following directives and being housebound allows us more time to spend with food and in the kitchen! That proximity, along with senses of isolation, boredom or anxiety can contribute to the risk of overeating. This temptation is something we need to remain mindful of. As the food supply varies some of the foods we are accustomed to may not be available, so for now you may need to make changes in what you are eating and as always, watch the size of your servings. Should your preferred fruits and veggies not be available, remember to check out the frozen food section. From a nutritional standpoint they likely have higher nutritional content than the fresh goods we have in our off season. Writing down what you eat may help you keep eating in check mainly because it will help you pay more attention to
your food intake. Controlling weight gain is important because it can increase blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, and not least of all, it is sooooo hard to lose weight.

Like all of you we are looking forward to the end of the current situation, and it will come! In the meantime, establishing and maintaining new healthy routines/habits are a controllable and vital part of getting through this time well. We are all doing our best and we should feel good about that.

Take care and be well 🙂

Wendy, Terry and Aileen