WHHI in the Montreal Gazette!

WHHI in the Montreal Gazette!

WHHI founder, Wendy Wray, was recently featured in an article in the Montreal Gazette by June Thompson. In the article, Wray discusses the WHHI, and why the work the Initiative does is so innovative and important to Canadian women.

Created in May 2009 at the McGill University Health Center, WHHI is the first nurse-led heart disease prevention clinic in Canada. With a focus on healthy lifestyle practices, WHHI provides early diagnosis and treatment for women at risk. WHHI is unique because the goal is always prevention. Typically, the health system does not get involved until after someone has had a heart attack. But by providing preventative care like cardiovascular testing, exercise and nutrition planning, WHHI aims to ensure that women won’t have to enter the system in the first place.

WHHI is also proud to offer an innovative approach where nurses and doctors work together to provide women with the individualized care they need. The result is very patient-oriented and aims to equip women with the tools they need to improve their heart health.

The WHHI’s mission is so critical because while heart disease is a largely preventable disease, too many women lack the awareness needed to protect themselves. There is still so much misunderstanding surrounding female heart disease that many women are not aware of risk factors, signs of heart disease, or are delaying medical help and putting themselves at serious risk. The more research we do, the more lives we can save.

Since launching, the WHHI has treated hundreds of women, helping those with a high likelihood of developing heart disease reduce their risk and lead healthy, full lives. WHHI is growing and will continue to make headway in the fight against this disease with your support. By spreading this information, you are helping save a woman’s life. When it comes to heart health, we are all in this together.

Thanks to The Gazette and June Thompson for featuring the WHHI and putting a spotlight on how we can fight this horrible disease.